Super Saturday

Today was a super day.  A super grouchy day.  I will say that at least Claude and I didn’t join in on the Grouch Day celebrations.  This is a miraculous thing and we can take no credit for such success.  And if we made it through bed time without mass meltdown, it is only by the grace of God.

Like anything, though, the day was not all bad.  We enjoyed these little tidbits of cuteness in the midst of Grouch Fest 2017.

If you are going to have a Super Grouch Day, make sure it also coincides with the planned Donuts and Library Day.  Then at least your parents will some reprieve from your grouchiness.

Okay, so everyone looks really happy and decidedly not-grouchy in these photos.  They were all super happy for about 12.3 minutes while they chose and consumed their donuts.  And we like to feel good about ourselves as parents, so naturally we only take photos when everyone is smiling so that we can show the world how fabulous we are at raising a large crew.

I hope y’all know that I’m being facetious….

Can you find the crew members in this picture?  🙂

For such a grumpy start to the day, we really did end well.  And as I watched the kids play this evening I remembered the times my family went out after dinner on a summer night – to the school play ground, for a bike ride, or out for a walk.  I remembered walking to the bakery shop with my dad on a Saturday morning and picking out my favorite donut.  They are happy memories for me.  I can’t remember ever being grumpy, irritable, disrespectful, disobedient.  Dad, Mom….you can call me out here!

I have a feeling that our little crew will look back on days like today and feel all the warm fuzzies that should be felt on a Super Saturday.

And that is exactly as it should be.

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