Reality Check

So, in my last post I said that the transition from six kids to seven wasn’t that bad.  And I meant it.  It really has been an easy transition, all things considered.  Sarah is a super easy baby….or at least she was until this week.

This week was a bit of a reality check.

Monday and Tuesday we added in some new household chore assignments and started the Teacher Required school subjects – grammar for the big kids and everything for the little kids.  It went well, but Sarah cried.  She cried a lot.

Wednesday we did more of the same and added all of the independent subjects for the big kids.  There were many tantrums.  I lost track of time and let Daniel take a nearly three hour nap which translated to a late night hang out session with our favorite almost-2-year-old.  And Sarah cried.  A lot.

Thursday we attempted a morning outing as this is my ideal daily schedule.  If we ever manage normal things then we will start going to the park and out for walks in the morning before lunch.  But at this point it is a major IF.  More school tantrums and a pile of messes happened that day.  And I attempted some real cooking.  Again, Sarah cried.

Today is Friday.  The week was good, but it was also relentless.  I am fried.  And I am realizing what I forgot to consider when stating that this new baby transition has been such a breeze.  (How naive was I to even think such a thing?!)


This is what I forgot.

Oh, and COOKING.

And some GIGANTOR parenting tasks.

Okay….so I was clearly delusional when I wrote that.

So, Mom has been stressed this week.  And the kids can tell you how she deals with the constant stress.

I overheard this little exchange this morning.  Jeremiah leans toward Rachel, “Sometimes I see Mommy eating….chocolate!

Rachel, nodding her head and trying to whisper, “I do, too!”

I guess weight loss will have to wait for another season of life.

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