Patience, Parenting, and Perfect Progeny

I have been trying to yell less.  Trying to remain patient for longer than my naturally impatient self likes to.  And can I just say something?

My patience does not result in my children’s reformed character.

My recent attempts to be patient have been more successful than previous attempts.  I attribute this mostly to the cold that I have this week.  It has rendered me nearly mute (thank you, hoarse voice!) and therefore unable to speak loudly or even very much.

Due to the aforementioned cold and a lot of help from the Holy Spirit, I just managed to win a massive battle of the wills (Mom vs. 3-year-old) without giving into the temptation to be impatient and to raise my voice.  But that 3-year-old gave just as much fight as she ever could.  In fact, I don’t think she even noticed that I was speaking softly and firmly.

By God’s grace, this week has been quite good on the patience front.  I think I am finally making some headway with this life-long sin issue.  And do you know what?  The week was still pretty bad on the attitude and behavior front.  My kids have not suddenly started being sweet and kind and patient with one another, neither have they been super respectful to Claude and me.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that they have not even noticed that I have been yelling less.

My patience does not result in a good day or a good week.

What practicing patience does is help me become more like Christ.  But it’s up to my kids to practice that same patience (or other fruit of the Spirit) in order for that to develop in their own lives.  Lord willing they will desire to abide in Christ, to honor Him with their thoughts, words, and actions, and as a result bear the fruit of patience, love, kindness, etc.

But you won’t see me writing any books titled, “How to be a Patient Parent and Raise Perfect Progeny”.

Patience in parenting does not equal perfect progeny.

But it does please and honor the Lord.



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