On My Own Again

It’s been four weeks since I was on my own with the kids.  Claude was home for one week before Sarah was born and one week after.  My mom was with us for two weeks when Claude started back at work.  So I have essentially had a four week vacation from full-time parenting.  And I actually feel refreshed….kind of.

Yesterday was the first full day I was on my own.  My mom left Tuesday, so I did have a few hours then, but yesterday was the first morning till evening day.  It went smoothly for the most part and I even got quite a bit of work accomplished.

I had a helper in my cabinet-building endeavor.

He decided to multi-task and combine building with snacking.  Styrofoam may not be very tasty, but it certainly can fill the stomach!  It also, as we found out this morning, creates “Nassy poop”.  That is what Daniel had to say about it, anyway.  I chose not to comment and to get on with the task of cleaning up without contemplating too much on all that went into that particular mess.

Now that things are supposedly settling into a normal routine, the kids have felt free to let loose their worst attitudes.  I am currently being serenaded by the screams of a very unhappy 4-year-old who thinks that I should let him out of a much deserved time out.  And while he shouts at me from upstairs, I can hear other children shouting at one another downstairs.  Maybe one day, when everyone is 30-something, they will all be able to speak to one another instead of yelling at one another.  Too bad that will happen when they are already out of the house….

Until then, I will practice the art of ignoring all things that do not require parental attention or correction.

All in all the transition six to seven kiddos doesn’t seem to be all that bad.  Going from two to three was rough, and four to five was even harder.  But seven isn’t really that many more than six.  It also helps that Sarah is the easiest baby ever.  She eats.  She sleeps.  And once a day she stays awake for a few hours and quietly watches all the craziness that is going on around her.

Everybody adores her, including her littlest big brother who right now is looking at this picture saying, “Wuv Saya!  Saya coot!”  She is cute, isn’t she?

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