How to describe this child?  He is funny, energetic, cute, curious, busy, affectionate, and smart.  Very smart.“Daniel go to store.  Buy phome.  Need Daddy wallet.”

Now, I did go to the store on Sunday afternoon to buy a new phone.  Daniel was not with me.  He rarely goes to any store because we are becoming homeschool recluses.  Life.  Seven kids 10 and under.  Yeah, that.  And still, he remembered where I went and he somehow knew that a person needs a wallet to complete purchases.

At bed time, I told him he needed pajamas.  Then I teased him a bit because he can’t say “PJs”.  Instead he says “PGs”.

“Time for Pajamas.  PJs.  PGs!”

Then he grins and through giggles says, “Cream cheese!”

Rhyming.  Yes, I am 99.99% sure that he intended to make a rhyme.  He thought it was hilarious.

He also likes to change the vowel sounds in words.  This, I think he picked up after I sang the “I like to eat apples and bananas” song once.

“Yes!  Yase!  Yeese!  Youse!  Yice!”

(Please excuse my terrible phonetics…)

Daniel also likes to play with his food.  He will bite off parts of a sandwich, carrot, etc. and then walk it around the table.  He adds growls and grunts, neighs and snorts, to fit the animal he is pretending his food has become.  He will march the animal up to my arm and say, “Lion going to eat you, Mommy!  Nom, nom, nom!  Yummy!  Grrr!”

One afternoon I saw him standing in the doorway to the dining area.  It looked like he had something in his mouth.  When I asked him about this, he said, “Daniel have smoovie in mouth.”  Since we had just had smoothie with lunch, I assumed he was remembering, but it did still seem like something was actually in his mouth.  A few seconds later he threw up on the floor.  He stared at it for half a minute, ran over to get a kitchen towel, and started cleaning up his own mess.  “Daniel clean up smoovie, Mommy!”

So, he did have smoothie in his mouth….Gross….

He likes to call himself nicknames just for fun.  “I Dan!  I Danny!”  We don’t use nicknames for him.  A sibling may have called him Dan or Danny once or twice at most.  I think he just recognizes the word play.

He has a huge vocabulary.  If he doesn’t have the exact word that he needs he will substitute it with a similar word.

Being very verbal means that he narrates his entire day, which is quite convenient.  If he is getting into something he usually informs me of the coming trouble.

“I taking out toilet paper!”

“Daniel climbing up step stool!”

He enjoys making jokes.  “You may have a smoovie, Mommy!”  “I may?”  Looking out of the corner of his eye, a big grin spreading across his face, “No. Waaay!”

He recites Genesis 1:1.  ” Gens 1:1.  In begigning God crated heavens earf  Gens 1:1.”

Note: The previous statement does NOT contain typos.

He likes to play with army figures.  He walks, flies, and flips them all over the house, narrating every move they make.  Sometimes they will talk.  Mostly they make vehicle noises.

He imagines that there are animals out in the woods that will come into his bedroom window – bears and squirrels mostly.  He also remembers that there is a turkey decoy behind the house.  He never forgets that decoy.

When he goes down the stairs he says, “I go down stairs.  Bump.  Bump.  Bump.” a la Winnie-the-Pooh.  I have no idea how he knows the reference or how he understands that it is quite cute.

And he definitely knows that he is cute!

“Sarah coot!  Daniel coot!”  Giggle.  Laugh.  Give Mommy that irresistible smile.

He loves to color and draw.  This has been a favorite activity since….hmmm….I can’t remember when.  I think for close to a year and maybe even longer.  He just turned 2 years old a couple of weeks ago.  He can sit for an hour or more drawing and coloring.  Or, as he likes to say, “I writing, Mommy!”

I don’t really remember him using the fist pencil grasp.  Probably he did very early on…maybe?  Now he picks up his crayon or marker almost as well as his 5-year-old brother.

This week he opened an activity book and traced the circles in it.  His (slightly) older sister was sitting next to him, but she was immersed in her own little world.  I am guessing that he saw her tracing shapes and letters and decided to try his hand at it?

He also eats marker tips and glue sticks.  While he may show signs of being a bit advanced for his age, he is still a newly-turned 2-year-old.

This week I am trying him out with some slightly structured preschool learning – shapes, colors, phonics, numbers.  I am not necessarily tailoring anything to him.  He is simply joining the Preschool/Kindergarten crowd for reading and math.  We are tacking on some simple shape and color crafts that Jer and Rachel also enjoy because they never do crafts because I am tired and realistic and have a lot of food to cook every day and a baby to nurse and I always say “no” to scissors and glue and I never let our kids have any fun in school.  I’m kidding.  Partly kidding.

Oh, and he has decided to abandon nap time.  It was one of his favorite times of day until last week when he very suddenly discovered that he can climb out of his play yard.  He used to lie down on his pillow and stay there until I or one of the older kids retrieved him.  He would wait for us to take him out of nap time.

Now when I put him in his bed he says, “Mommy make comfy cozy.  Mommy make tent please.”  Once I leave the room I hear his announcement, “I’m climbing out!”  Thud-thud-thud go his little footsteps.  And I know that I will be seeing his charming little smile in a matter of moments.

“Daniel got out nap time, Mommy!”




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