Back In the Saddle

Today at dinner we were discussing love.  As I introduced the topic to the kids Rachel blurted out, “Wuuuuvvvv???”  Followed by a big groan.  And she wasn’t the only one groaning.  There were moans and sighs and general sounds of discontent from all around the table.

Jeremiah piped up, “Are we talking about falling in love???”  Because, you know, falling in love is a terrible thing for a 4-year-old boy.

Apparently love is all we need….and the last thing that we want.

We are starting up a new school year.  It’s a bit strange.  Everyone around us is finishing up for the year and here we are, gearing up to start all over again.  It feels good to start getting back into routine, though.

During a grammar lesson yesterday, Abby declared her dislike for the capital letter “Y”.  “It’s weird.  It looks like a chicken foot on chopsticks.”  Okay, then….

Rachel is probably our most enthusiastic student.  Not in lessons concerning love, but in whatever she considers “school”.  I announced yesterday morning that we were going to start doing a few school subjects along with some changes in daily chores.  She asked who was doing school and I answered, “Jeremiah, Abigial, Hannah, and Joshua.”  That is not what she heard, however, because just after my answer she said, “Jer, did you hear?  WE are doing school!”

When it was Jer’s turn for his lesson with me, Rachel rushed to the table and sat down.  “What are we doing today, Mommy?”  I was not ready to give her any kind of a lesson, but thankfully I had some handwriting worksheets available.

After I said we were finished for the day, Rachel asked if we would do more school another time.  I said, “Yes, we will do more school tomorrow.”  But that is not what she heard, because after I answered she said, “Jer, Mommy said that we will do all of our school tomorrow.  There will be more than today!”  I guess I’d better do some lesson planning!

In addition to school, we have added some new household chore assignments.  Delegating laundry, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms should be a big help around here.  Yesterday, Joshua, Hannah, and Abigail were trained in how to properly clean the bathrooms.  It was quite an ordeal with babies screaming, toddlers snatching bottles of cleaner, and preschoolers bickering with one another, not to mention the training part.

By the time we were finished I was exhausted and had nearly lost my voice (and that was without actually shouting).  Hannah came up to me and said, “Mom, did you know that it’s already 12:05pm?  That took us TWO HOURS!”  She was impressed.  I was just ready for bed.

Below: Random, totally unrelated picture of two super cute kids.  🙂

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