A Three Hour Wait…..Or Not!

Yesterday, we went out to lunch for an early Mother’s Day celebration.

“Let’s beat the crowds,” we thought.

Imagine our surprise when we showed up at The Cheesecake Factory (after an hour drive) only to find that the wait for a table of 9 was….wait for it….



So,we walked across the street to Red Robin.  Not as classy, but surely we could get a table.

Let me say this again.  We (2 parents, 1 grandma, and 7 children under the age of 10) walked through an extremely crowded mall parking lot AND crossed the street where mindless drivers were paying no attention to our little crowd in the cross walk.

The wait at Red Robin was one and a half hours.  Better, but still a no go.

At this point it was 3:00pm, our crew was weary, I was discouraged (and a little grumpy), and everyone needed to eat.  So, we trekked back across the street, through the parking lot, and around the mall to….wait for it….


And that is how, after spending half of the day getting everybody dressed, driving an hour, and hiking through crowded parking lots, we celebrated Mother’s Day at a fast food chain.

We’re classy like that.

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