A Comedy of Errors

Last night I decided to try my hand at grilling over our fire pit.  The problem was that I have never started a fire on my own.  While starting it (about 7 times) was a breeze, keeping it burning was an all-out failure.  At one point I asked the kids how long it takes Claude to get a fire roaring.  They very quickly said, “Not this long!”

Then Jeremiah, being ever so encouraging, walked past and said, “Mommy, you’re not any good.”


This is the same kid who said to me while I struggled to make a pot of coffee over the weekend (I used to work at Starbucks, friends, and I can’t make coffee!).  Anyway…this is the same little guy who said, “Mommy, Daddy is good at coffee.  You are good at tea.”

Yes.  He is right.

So, after an hour or more, I prayed for help and Claude pulled up in the driveway.  Hallelujah!

But even he struggled to keep this fire going.  8:00pm came and went, raw chicken over a cool fire pit.  We opted to make the kids something else for dinner while our chicken took the slow road to done-ness.

Green smoothies and rice count as a complete meal, right???

The kids were blissfully unaware of the delayed dinner.  We set out the picnic blankets, the lawn chairs, and the towels.  The kids splashed in the itty bitty kiddie pool, ran through the sprinkler, and helped water the plants.  The big kids worked on Bible memorization and recited their daily passages for me outside as the sun set.


Bed time 2 hours later than normal?  In a perfect world, maybe.  But then in a perfect world would bed time happen right on schedule or would there be no need for a scheduled bed time and it would happen perfectly no matter what time?

I know not the answer to such questions.  What I do know is that it is my bed time.  Yes, 12:05am is bed time for sure!

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